Jackson Mac Low

Bare Attention

May 8 - May 22, 2017

Jackson Mac Low, 1992-2004, maker of poems, essays, and musical, performance, visual, and radio works. Author of about 30 books and published in over 90 collections, his works have been published, exhibited, and performed -often by his wife, the poet, visual artist, and composer Anne Tardos and himself- in many countries. Awards: Guggenheim, NEA, NYFA, and CAPS fellowships, and the 1999 Wallace Stevens Award of the Academy of American Poets. 

BareAttention A4 Overwrite by Steve Piccolo

"I've never been only interested in the sounds of words. I always think of the meanings of whatever linguistic units I include as being at least as important as their sounds, whether they be separated speech sounds, syllables, words, word fragments, phrases, sentence fragments, or sentences -even when they are not ordered by normative syntax and have no fixed accumulative or total meaning. Whenever a human voice produces a sound, it carries meaning- emotive and/or semantic, simple or complex. And I think this i also true of letters and other graphics symbols."


Jackson Mac Low

Non sono mai stato interessato solo ai suoni delle parole. Penso sempre che i significati di qualsiasi unità linguistica che includo siano importanti almeno quanto i suoni, fossero suoni isolati d'eloquio, sillabe, parole, frammenti di parole, frammenti di frasi, frasi complete -anche quando non sono organizzate ed ordinate dalla sintassi normativa e non hanno alcun significato stabilito, fisso e cumulativo. Ogni volta che una voce umana produce un suono, trasmette un significato emotivo e/o semantico, semplice o complesso. E questo vale anche per le lettere e altri simboli grafici.


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