Fritz Hauser

Trommel mit Mann

March 5 - April 5, 2018

Overwriting by Steve Piccolo

Fritz Hauser (1953, Basel, Switzerland), develops solo programmes for drums and percussion, which he performs worldwide. Compositions for Percussion ensembles and -soloists, chamber orchestra, choir, sound installations, sound-drawings.


In the field of percussion music he has performed with and composed for soloists and groups such as: Steven Schick, Keiko Abe, Synergy Percussion, Speak Percussion, Michael Askill, Bob Becker, Kroumata, Rob Kloet, Sylwia Zytynska, Nexus, EnsembleXII, We Spoke: Percussion, Peter Conradin Zumthor.

In 2011 the Kunsthaus Zug /Switzerland Fritz Hauser has presented his first solo show KLANGHAUS ZUG with room, and sound installations (a collaboration with architect Boa Baumann, and light designer Brigitte Dubach). In 2013 he has realised his second exhibition at the Kunsthaus Zug presenting for the first time his sound drawings: SCHRAFFURHAUS ZUG.


For the opening of the new Fondation Vincent van Gogh at Arles in April 2014, Hauser has realised SCHRAFFUR FOR ARLES, one of his sound-drawings, a combination of visual art and sound installation. Hauser's latest works include a collaboration with Schauspielhaus Zurich, and the director Barbara Frey; NACHTSTUCK for eight actors and a percussionist. In 2016 he created a sound-installation ( scenography Regula Zuber ) for the international exhibition TRANSACTIONS within MANIFESTA at the university in Zurich: THE SOUND OF SCIENCE.


In 2017 Hauser has mounted a music/theatre production together with his percussion colleagues Rob Kloet and Peter Conradin Zumthor under the direction of Tom Ryser: DIE HINTERTUR. In summer 2018 Fritz Hauser will be Composer-in-residence at the Lucerne Festival in Switzerland. Fritz Hauser has recorded numerous CDs, and has been awarded several prizes, including the culture prize of the city of Basel as well as the canton of Basel-Landschaft.


ERRATUM presents a major work by Fritz Hauser, realized in collaboration with director Barbara Frey, and light designer Brigitte Dubach: TROMMEL MIT MANN / DRUM WITH MAN – THE VIDEO.


The hour-long drum piece was created fort he festival musikmonat_2001 in Basel, and has been performed around the world from Basel to Rome, from Stockholm to New York.


The work has now been recorded on video, using a very decisive format with just one shot, but a complex 24-track sound recording, that allowed a careful mixing process, and presents the work in all its dynamic facets.

(Camera Pio Corradi, Andi A. Müller, Sound Jens Zimmer, Production Schauspielhaus Zürich).


The video will be on display at ERRATUM on demand. As the visitor enters the exhibition space he/she will experience a subtle room installation referring to Hauser’s work with light designer Brigitte Dubach, and architect Boa Baumann. The sound on display is PIANO CHIARO, part of the KLANGHAUS ZUG exhibition by Hauser/Baumann/Dubach.


There will also be a book on display – featuring their collaboration in the field of theatre, music, and sound installation. The book with CD, as well as a variety of other CDs by Fritz Hauser can be purchased at the gallery.